Mer Monson


Mer Monson lives in Springville, Utah with her husband and three boys. After a 25-year exploration through the world of psychology and a hundred other cool things designed to fix our experience of life, she unexpectedly fell into the space of seeing there is nothing wrong and nothing to fix. She has since fallen in love with the transformation that effortlessly comes of playing in this space with others. Four years out from a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, she still sees her experience with cancer as a secret doorway into a feast of gifts.


Prior to coaching, Mer worked as a School Counselor, Adult Education Counselor and Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. She has degrees in both psychology and family/human development from Utah State University.  She became a coach in early 2018, and an Advanced Certified Transformative Coach in 2019 during a year-long apprenticeship with Michael Neill, an internationally renowned transformative coach and best-selling author.  She now works as a mentor coach on the faculty of Michael’s SuperCoach Academy. She loves coaching, writing, running a cancer support group, and podcasting with her friend and colleague, Brianne Grebil. 

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