Lydia Randolph

Lydia Randolph is a transformative life coach who loves diving into the divine mystery of life via conversation: exploring our experiences of health, connection, and our innate resilience.  She creates safe and loving space for others to experience greater ease and grace in daily life.


After nearly 20 years as a non-profit social service fundraiser, she now embraces working with individuals in a coaching capacity.  This career change came on the heels of a stage four, cancer diagnosis in 2017 and subsequent treatment journey. On the cancer path, Lydia reconnected with wonder, adventure, and a profound knowing-ness that we are always innately whole and healthy.


Certified as a Transformative Coach via Super Coach Academy, she also holds an MPA in Public Finance from NYU, and a BA from Lehigh University.  She is a recovered, stress-free New Yorker. Her fur family consists of two rescue dogs, and a fiercely independent cat. She votes, is an avid cyclist, hiker and yoga practitioner.  Lydia lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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