Antra Boyd

After graduating from nursing school in 1996, Antra served in the U.S. Navy for six years. Her clinical specialty is surgical nursing.  After obtaining her master's degree in nursing and with twenty years in the operating room, Antra left clinical nursing and started Connected Care Patient Advocates LLC, which allows her to walk hand in hand with someone experiencing a medical crisis, helping them navigate the healthcare system. Antra is passionate about collaboration and connection and this has fueled her desire to support people on their journey to health and wellness. She sees her role as both an RN with clinical expertise and as a health coach.  In 2018, Antra was diagnosed with a very rare ovarian cancer. She thought she had done everything right; she ate well, exercised, never got sick with a cold, and felt she was generally a happy person. Having cancer helped her see so many things, but most importantly it helped her see that beyond having an ill body, we are so much more. She found so much peace and freedom in knowing that no matter what happened to her physical body, she was always going to be ok. It’s one year out from her diagnosis and her understanding of life is filled with such a richness; in the midst of pain and suffering and in the beauty of joy and love.

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